Home Features Today’s Buyers Want Most

Today’s buyers look at several key items when making their home buying choices aside from the obvious ones: location, builder’s reputation, schools, and convenient surroundings. “Increasingly, and especially due to COVID online home shopping has become very sophisticated. Photography and virtual tours must be professional and informative. But once, a consumer decides on its top several possible choices the following features may be the difference between a sale and losing out to the competition,” explains Stephen Gravett.

Kitchens and bathrooms– These are the items that consumers zone in on. “At Trevi Isle, we concentrate on making our standard kitchens and baths as competitively attractive as possible and we offer numerous options to our customers who want to customize these areas. We give people wide choices in tile selections, shower enclosure options, plumbing fixtures, tubs, sinks, and specialty items as well (mirrors, towel bars, TP holders, etc.) In our kitchens we offer a wide array of appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and flooring,” explains Stephen Gravett.

Flooring and Tile – Right up there with Kitchens and bathrooms and an integral part thereof is flooring. “Offering numerous selections of flooring options is important. Not just because people want their own unique interior, but also in many cases for health reasons,” says Gravett. “Some of our clients have airborne allergies and material allergies that prohibit certain flooring surfaces. Many of these buyers want hard surfaces such as wood and vinyl in order to keep the dust down. ” Yet others have allergies to glues and chemicals in certain carpet materials,” explains Gravett.

Appliances– Appliances can make a huge difference in any kitchen. Drab uninviting kitchens are a negative and, in many cases, can be upgraded to stainless steel for very little money. “From year to year appliance manufacturers bring out slick looking new futuristic models that are very beguiling to both men and women buyers. When shown in decorated models like the ones we have at Trevi Isle they create an aura of luxury customization. People picture themselves watching one of many cooking shows using these stylish brands,” explains Stephen Gravett.

Cabinets and Countertops– These two items go hand in hand when buyers are making kitchen and bath selections. Having a wide range of colors and styles is important.

Secondary to these categories are lighting, low voltage, closet built-ins, and shower enclosures. “With home price averages moving up and mortgage rates moving down people that can afford to buy today are loading up with options at very low interest rates. Astute builders who go to the trouble to establish design centers with multiple options will be rewarded for their efforts and will enjoy a broader buying spectrum,” says Gravett.

Stephen Gravett has been a real estate developer for over 45 years and was most recently CEO of Kennedy Homes and is still CEO of Kennedy Development Partners (KDP) and full time Director of Operations for 5 Star Developers. Visit http://www.stehengravett.com for more interesting topics.

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