Taralyne Oaks

Taralyne Oaks – 18 single family home on estate lots in the multi-diverse town of Davie, Fl.

Davie, Fl has always been a successful real estate development area for Stephen Gravett and his team. Taralyne Oaks was a follow on to Taralyne in western Davie and incorporated the same 3- 4- and 5-bedroom homes. It sits on 10 acres and had a starting price of $395,000 to just over $500,000. Square footages ranged from 2200 to 2900 square feet. Located along Davie Road between Griffin Road and Sterling Road Taralyne Oaks 18 homes sold out in less than a year.

The homes were inspired by Mediterranean architecture which was prevalent and popular at the time. Davie has unique land opportunities and unique developmental problems. The opportunities far outweigh the problems mainly because of the many people living north to Broward and Palm Beach Counties and south to Dade County and the Florida Keys. With over 6 million people in these areas Davie, Florida is smack in the middle. This gives new Davie real estate projects a tremendous buyer class to draw from. In addition, Davie has unique cultural personalities, many learning institutions and diversity making the area very desirable to students, businesses, sports and equestrian. Less than 2 miles in a circle from Taralyne Oaks one will find over five higher learning college campuses, the Miami Dolphins training center, numerous horse breeders and farms and in adjacent Hollywood- Hollywood Memorial Hospital.

Taralyne Oaks buyer’s profile was every bit as diverse as Davie’s cultural make up. Teachers, politicians, people affiliated with sports, professors and everyday business people were buyers of Taralyne Oaks homes. In many areas where Gravett has built and sold-out subdivisions targeted your market was always the road to successful selling. Because of its many faceted opportunities and because of the many colleges located in such proximity, trying to identify one or two factions in order to maximize your advertising dollar was impossible. For 18 homebuyers the cultural backgrounds were so diverse that planning around one or two groups would have excluded many others. For example, the list of buyers was like a roster of the United Nations. Countries represented were the US, India, Latin America and South America, Russia, Middle East and Jamaica. This made selling extremely interesting and enjoyable because of the variety of people, their religions, culture, politics and personalities.

Davie and SW Broward do have special issues with soils and drainage. Because this end of Broward County is slightly lower in elevation drainage considerations are paramount to the governing engineers in this area. Drainage lakes that are required are bigger and elevations at land development require additional fill. Soils can be tricky because as past farms and horse acreage, muck can be presented and must be dealt with. However, once developers fix these peculiar land characteristics and begin vertical home construction, the reward far outweighs these problems. Davie is a great little town and Taralyne Oaks was a special subdivision.

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