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April 21, 2021

Trevi Isle- A long Time Coming But well worth it

Trevi Isle in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl was Stephen Gravett’s longest ever approval process on any Kennedy Homes project. The land was just under 13 acres in area and was approved for 50 townhomes. Its features include an elaborate gated entry, a cabana building with a resort styled pool and its own parking area. It borders a 3 acre preserve at its entrance. This is the second Trevi project for Kennedy a mere ½ mile from Gravett and Kennedy’s first project in 2010, Trevi at the Gardens (TAG). The original Trevi was 75 units on 10 acres and had a starting price of $279,900 to just over $300,000.

Gravett took the successful floorplans from TAG from 4 years earlier and tweaked them adding slightly more square footage and coming to market during pre-construction at the $390’s to the $420’s. Sizes ranged from 1756sf to 2044sf with 3 and 4 bedroom floorplans.

Trevi Isle was a remainder parcel left over from the old Eastpointe CC. It was subsequently sold to a developer who defaulted on its loan from Sabadell Bank in Miami. Gravett purchased the land for Kennedy out of the Sabadell REO holdings. The property relied on permission by the Florida Turnpike Authority (FTA) for its access across their easement. After 14 months of getting nowhere with FTA, Gravett hired the Tallahassee lobbying firm of Brian Ballard to purchase the land from FTA. He was successful arranging the purchase for Kennedy of FTA land thereby solving the access problem.

With the time frame of the normal approvals from the city and the delays of the FTA, Trevi was way behind on getting the land developed and selling. Once the FTA problem was solved Gravett was able to finalize the approvals, open for pre-sales and build the model buildings. Kay Green was again called in to decorate the 4 models. Three buildings were started as sales began. Then Gravett’s long standing partner Bob Kennedy suffered a massive stroke rendering him unable to perform as Kennedy’s Chairman. Shortly, thereafter the family appointed Rob Kennedy (Bob’s oldest son) as Chairman of Kennedy Homes. The family wishes were to liquidate Kennedy and close it down. Stephen Gravett brought in a friend and investor of he and Bob Kennedy, Steven Fischer. Fischer purchased Trevi Isle and hired Gravett to run the project and re-open for sales. That was in June of 2020. Today Trevi Isle has just two of 50 units left to sell. Since reopening Trevi is selling its remaining inventor at a price point of $479,900 to $529,900. Stephen Gravett started the approval process in late 2014.

April 4, 2021

Marin Ranches

Marin Ranches- 26 single family homes in Cooper City, Fl- Circa 2014. Stephen Gravett then CEO of Kennedy Homes LLC in conjunction with BB&T bank entitled and developed a luxury single family community with 5 different floorplans to choose from and 4 different elevations. This was a gated community off of SW 106th Ave. in the heart of Cooper City’s best school district.

Stephen Gravett worked with land planners, architects and interior designers to create single story and two story homes for the burgeoning family market in Western Broward County, Fl. Homes began in the $800,000 to $950,000 price range and very quickly moved up to over $1.35 million dollars. The project sold out less than a year after the Model opened. Gravett used his favorite interior designer of over 20 years, Kay Green from Winter Park, Fl to merchandise the model. “ She was so successful at capturing the desires of that class of homeowners that we sold the model fully furnished, which is a rarity,” states Gravett.

The Marin model also won an award for best Model in it’s class. Gravett credits his team of contraction supervisors, his interior design team and architect Chandej Limpadandh for his numerous successes in Western Broward county. Marin Ranches was so successful that Kennedy Homes LLC through Gravett bought the adjoining 5 acre track to Mari Ranches north boundary and create a 9 home gated community call Ranchette Isle. Stephen Gravett is a state licensed general contractor, unlimited class (since 1980) and a state licensed Real Estate broker since 1975. He has developed numerous projects throughout Florida and in North Carolina.

Recently he finished an 11 year career as Kennedy Homes LLC and Kennedy Development Partners LLC CEO. In that roll he was in charge of acquisitions, entitlements, product design, construction and sales. He now serving as the Operations Director for 5 Star Developers that is building and developing a 50 unit town home community in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. Prior to his 45 years in Real Estate Development, he flew B-52’s during the Vietnam Era.

COVID 19 and its affect on builders and developers

Three part series- Part 1 -COVID 19 and its effect on the supply chain for builders
BOCA RATON, Fla. – Aug. 9, 2020 – PRLog — Builders and COVID 19
Stephen Gravett currently works for Kennedy Homes (during its liquidation) and 5 Star Developers LLC. Today we will discuss the effect of COVID in a three-part series. This article will cover the effects of COVID 19 on our supply chain. Future articles will cover the effects on subcontractors and finally the effect on customers on the sales side of the development business.

Supply Chain Effects of COVID 19
As builders and developers, we rely heavily on materials to build our homes. However, with the spread of COVID 19 sustainability has become a problem. Here is one example that Stephen Gravett recently reported. A tornado swept through our project and swept away about 7 window shutters destroying about half of them. No problem Gravett thought, I will just call the supplier and order new ones. “Placing the order was the easy part, explained Stephen Gravett. Then a week later I received a call from our lumber supplier who I placed the order through and he told me that he had no hard date. I asked how that could be. He replied that 3 to 4 factory workers came down with the deadly virus and the entire plant was shut down.” As of this writing it has been four weeks and the plant is still not working. “Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case,” says Stephen Gravett. “We have had similar delays in pavers, roof tiles, interior trim and doors and services from some professional companies we use such as engineers, surveyors and environmental testing agencies.” “This is a worrisome time because even if things return to normal you cannot rule out a repeat of this situation if the virus numbers spike and this whole chain of events starts all over again. For us those shutters will be required to be in place on the building for a certificate of occupancy (CO). If the city will not accept a letter from the manufacturer or supplier asking for relief, homeowner’s closings may be delayed.”
Stephen Gravett is part owner of Kennedy Homes LLC and manages the operations for 5 Star Developers at Trevi Isle in Palm Beach Gardens. Visit http//
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August 9, 2020

The Sweet Spot in West Palm Beach- Ranchette Lake

Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett and Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc, announce the on going success of the remaining Kennedy Development Homes LLC -#kennedydevelopmentpartnersllc, homes at Ranchette Lake in West Palm Beach, Florida. Located on Ranchette Road just of Summit Road Kennedy Homes LLC and Kennedy Development Partners LLC are poised to complete their 8 sold homes within the next 60 days. Kennedy Homes LLC is the contractor (through Stephen Gravett) and Kennedy Development Partners LLC is the developer. Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc and Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett have developed hundreds of homes in the size and price set of Ranchette Lake.

Ranchette Lake was master planned by Kennedy Homes LLC and Stephen Gravett 3 Years ago with the purchase of 2 parcels of equal size combining for nearly ten acres. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett and Kennedy Homes LLC -#kennedyhomesllc contracted for the site and hired WGI to master plan and design the infrastructure. Nearly 20 months later the 44-unit lot community was platted and approved by Palm Beach County. “It is extremely difficult in these times of such a short supply of land to get projects approved,” states Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc, is the general contractor for the site. Ranchette Lakes has a resort pool, cabana with work out room and lots of open space among the many tree’s developer Stephen Gravett was able to save-#stephengravett. The eight homes nearly ready for closing will range in price between $400,000 to $520,000.

WGI and Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett and Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc, have combined on several projects in Palm Beach County together. “WGI has grown dramatically in the past 5 years since we started using them. But they have taken us through many boards, approvals and projects successfully in that time frame,” states Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. One of the main reason Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc and Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett use WGI is because of their strength in numbers. “They are big enough with a large talent base to be available at any time, mostly without wait times on our requests, “says Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. “Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennnedyhomesllc supports this notion as well,” Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett says.

Ranchette Lake is a unique zero lot line community with two main roads and two cul-de-sacs. Being next to Greenacres it is home to a rising Latin demographic. These are the backbone of workers in the county and they appreciate the combination of upscale design and affordability Kennedy Homes LLC and Stephen Gravett have provided. This non gated community has seen two major builders come and sell out around them. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett states, “Just to our west and across the street 4 years ago Lennar broke ground on 70 luxury homes. Then 2 years ago DR Horton broke ground and sold out 40 homes bordering Ranchette Lakes to the South. This is indicative of how much demand remains in this immediate area.” Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomes and Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett have both found that these type of developments with pricing and sizes (1700sf to 2400sf) are the most desirable home communities to develop. Many of these buyers are first time homebuyers that need help and coaching along the way. States Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, “there is a great sense of accomplishment when you take a first-time home buyer from contract to closing and hand over their very first set of new home keys.” Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc.

July 13, 2020


Davie, Florida has been heaven on earth for Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc and Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. They have created 7 distinct communities (2 in Cooper City) in the past 9 years. “All of these projects have had strong sales, great demand and contributed beautiful neighborhoods to these cities. Kennedy Homes LLC and Stephen Gravett, #kennedyhomesllc, #stephengravett have a special working relationship with Davie’s town council and their staff. They attend our functions and we attend theirs. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, meets regularly with each commissioner when a new project is being considered on land within the city. Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc, has a reputation for doing what they agree in each and every development order. Approvals come a little easier when everyone has seen your work and knows you will do what you say you will do,” states Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett.

Davie is also an attractive area for new working families and older buyers. Davie is blessed with more vacant land than most cities in Broward County because many of the older nurseries dotting the city’s landscape are realizing the higher values of their land and have decided to sell. As a major developer of properties in Davie, Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc and Stephen Gravett- #stephengravett have been able to work with these nurserymen in buying their land. “Some land owners want too much for their land but hope to sell to Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc. We have numbers that we know will work for us so we tend to be patient. Eventually I will get a call and the sellers will acquiesce to our offers,” states Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. On several occasions Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett and Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc will wait months or even years for the right price to be realized by the seller. In one case Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett waited for over two years. The owner realized his price was well above market and sold the land to Kennedy Homes LLC- kennedyhomesllc.

“The dynamics of the Town Hall experience in Davie is noticeably different than other cities where Kennedy Homes LLC develops. The difference is in the people and the commissioners. The staff is very professional and country friendly. They are always accessible and help to solve problems, even those outside the box. The commissioners are pro-business and seek to help our approvals as long as they don’t upset the town’s residents. These discussions generally revolve around size and density. Builders always want more and bigger and the commission wants smaller and less. However, I have never not been able to do some friendly horse trading to arrive at a reasonable compromise we can all live with. No pun intended,” states Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett and “On only one occasion did I ever get turned down and it was because I over stepped my boundaries on density. A very serious neighbor also contributed to my no vote. I’ll never forget walking into our final hearing one night and I saw all of these people with red shirts on. I asked my attorney if he knew which project they were objecting to. He said yours,” says Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomesllc.    

June 17, 2020

Stephen Gravett-Kennedy Homes LLC, -#stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc

“10 years with Kennedy Homes LLC has taught me a lot of lessons, “says Stephen Gravett former CEO of KHLLC and acting CEO of Kennedy Development Partners LLC-#stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc. “I started at the end of one of our country’s worst recessions into the unknown and will finish in about 45 days amidst the worst pandemic in 100 years.”  In that time Kennedy Homes LLC and Stephen Gravett completed nearly 500 residential homes at a volume of nearly $250 million dollars-#kennedyhomesllc, #stephengravett.

COVID-19-#covid19- was a brutal reminder what can happen when a disease with no apparent vaccination begins to work its way through the world’s population and political leaders put random and different lock downs in place with little planning. The result has created doubt in consumer’s minds as they try to determine whether or not buying a home should be a consideration at a time like this. Many people from the northeast with ties to Florida and who have considered at one time or another moving here one day now seem to be making immediate plans to move to the Sunshine State. Stephen Gravett sees this as silver lining to an otherwise dire result-#stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc. What will come of the COVID 19 experience remains uncertain and dependent on whether an effective vaccination can be found, and when.

For Kennedy Homes LLC and for Stephen Gravett, #kennedyhomesllc, #stephengravett COVID or not that partnership will be ending soon. It was put into play months ago way before Covid 19-#covid19. Working for one of the most iconic developers from both Chicago and Florida, Stephen Gravett and icon Bob Kennedy became terrific friends and savvy partners.  Unfortunately, in October of 2018 the Founder, Bob Kennedy-#bobkennedy became ill and was permanently forced to the sidelines. For Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett it meant that the Kennedy family would become involved and preferred to eventually cease all operations as assets were slowly sold or finished in place. Stephen Gravett has since moved on to complete a former Kennedy Homes LLC -#kennedyhomesllc project known as Trevi Isle.

Stephen Gravett has now moved on from Kennedy Homes LLC- #stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc to 5-Star Developers LLC where he can finish a project, he started some time ago. Trevi Isle is a 50-unit town home project in Palm Beach Gardens that now belongs to Steven Fischer, a CPA in Weston and a successful real estate developer in Ocala. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett is continuing the process started years ago. This is the second such town home for Stephen Gravett and is less than a half mile from the original Trevi-#stephengravett. Asked what worries Stephen Gravett most he responds, “there is no past experience in a post pandemic era about just how and when the economy will remerge as before. We think we will see and increase of new buyers from outside the state but where are the new jobs coming from?” #stephengravett,#kennedyhomesllc, #5-stardevelopersllc. For now, all anyone can do is wait to see if people will return to some sense of normalcy or whether human consumption will change forever. You may be able to buy a house on line, but someone has to build it. #stephengravett and

May31, 2020

#kennedyhomesllc-#stephengravett, #floridabuilder, 1

Kennedy Homes LLC, Stephen Gravett CEO of Kennedy Development Partners LLC and 5 Star Homes LLC announce the recent sale of Trevi Isle to 5 Star Developers LLC, #kennedyhomesllc, #stephengravett. See further Kennedy Homes LLC and Kennedy Partners LLC moves and sales information at, #stephengravett.  Trevi Isle was originally started two years ago by Stephen Gravett CEO, of Kennedy Homes LLC. The project, Stephen Gravett says “is unique in its location in Palm Beach Gardens Florida”.  “It resides on 12 acres just west of the intersection of Hood Road and the Florida turnpike, explains Gravett-#stephengravett.” This property is 50 town home units and contains a resort pool, cabana with workout room and a 1 acre’s lake. It also contains miles of walking trails including a 2+ acre natural preserve. Stephen Gravett, Kennedy Homes LLC and its team members also developed a 15-acre 75-unit townhome property just a half mile East of Trevi Isle 10 years ago called Trevi at the Gardens, explains Gravett-#stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc. “That project was the basis for the current Trevi Isle community just down the street. This Kennedy Homes LLC project by Stephen Gravett is slightly smaller but is a gated enclave along western Hood Road,” explains Stephen Gravett.

Stephen Gravett and Kennedy Homes LLC have developed nearly 500 units in the last 10 years of development together. Trevi Isle is the last one being done by Kennedy Homes LLC, #kennedyhomesllc, #stephengravett. Stephen Gravett has been retained by the new owner of Trevi Isle to finish the project he started at Kennedy Homes LLC years ago. “It has been quite an experience to work alongside founder Robert Kennedy #kennedyhomesllc, these past many years,” explains Stephen Gravett.

Trevi Isle will be opening in two weeks for the public to visit, but it already has 5 sales it hopes to close within the next 60 days. Steven Fischer, a friend of Stephen Gravett, #stephengravett, was introduced to Kennedy Homes LLC, #kennedyhomesllc, about five years ago. Robert Kennedy and Stephen Gravett encouraged Fischer to become an investor with Kennedy Homes LLC at that time. The timing did not become right until just recently when Trevi became available. Because of the status of the project and working through the various banks it took nearly four months for Kennedy Homes LLC, Stephen Gravett and 5-Star to complete the deal and close. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, was offered the Director of Operations position with 5-Star. He still has certain obligations on a couple of Kennedy Homes LLC-#kennedyhomes- projects that are being completed under Stephen Gravett’s contractor’s license. Kennedy Homes LLC -#kennedyhomesllc, at 60+ years in business is one of the country’s oldest private building companies. Started originally in Chicago. Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett, joined Bob Kennedy 10 years ago in March of 2010. “It is sad leaving behind such a strong mentor, but this new chapter looks exciting and I am looking forward to finishing what we started years ago,” explained Stephen Gravett-#stephengravett. Stephen Gravett can be reached via email at #stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc, or visit website.

May 25, 20202

How Kennedy Homes LLC and Kennedy Development’s subcontractors continue to work under the Corona Virus guidelinesby Stephen Gravett

Going to a job site these days is very interesting as certain subcontractors have their own style of protection. Moreover, we have been very fortunate to have had great weather at our Kennedy Homes project sites since. Subs want to spend more time breathing fresh air when most other subs are further away. Our roofers are spread out on the roof during installation and some don’t wear masks. Those working inside in closer quarters always do. When they break for lunch, they all maintain proper distancing. When I meet with my superintendent one of us wears a mask. It should be interesting attending closings with our new buyers.

May 4, 2020

How Builder’s like Kennedy Homes LLC and Kennedy partners are handling Corona-COVID-19

In this time of Corona builders react differently states Stephen Gravett of Kennedy Homes LLC. For us and most builders sales offices are closed and appointment only showings are scheduled with insistence on masks, gloves and proper distancing. In the last two weeks more appointments and showings have occurred. Kennedy Homes and Stephen Gravett are committed to safe practices. As far as other builder’s protocol, Gravett says they are doing basically the same.

May 2, 2020

Stephen Gravett-Kennedy Homes LLC, -#stephengravett, #kennedyhomesllc

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